The body-mind connection

When a medical condition causes pelvic pain, it can be a relief to finally be under the care of a medical doctor with specialty training in the root cause of pain. However, the mind and body are linked, and the pain may have more than just physical factors contributing to depression or feelings of despair.

What are the psychological issues associated with pelvic pain?

Physical pain, especially chronic, can lead to:

  • A breakdown in coping mechanisms
  • Worsened stress
  • Other psychological distress ramifications
  • Increased chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Relationship issues

Working with a professional to overcome these stressors can help you find relief.



Protecting yourself from the psychological causes of pelvic pain poses a unique set of challenges. For those who have suffered past trauma, it can often feel like your pelvic pain is all in your head. But whether it comes from a physical or emotional source, your pain is real.

If you think your pain might be associated with psychological stress or past trauma, a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you develop effective coping strategies and find relief from your pain. At Pelvic Pain Doc, we believe in a multi-factorial approach to treating pelvic pain, including psychologists' and therapists' help.

How can the psychological impact of pelvic pain be resolved?

You can first address much of the upsetting emotional turmoil associated with chronic pelvic pain by seeing a specialist who listens, understands, and specializes in this specific area of medicine.

Many patients have been to several doctors before coming to Pelvic Pain Doctor and were told that their condition was emotional rather than physical. After seeing Dr. Bahlani, they feel real relief as they speak with a medical professional who listens carefully and understands that many conditions have combined physical and emotional causes.

Your pain is real, and you deserve to be treated by a doctor who can guide you to the right resources to help you live a happier, more confident life. If your pain or discomfort is associated with a physical condition that Dr. Bahlani can successfully treat, you will be under the care of, arguably, the most qualified pelvic pain doctor in NYC.

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Breaking the cycle of pain

While we can medically resolve many pelvic pain issues, it is also true that life issues such as stress, past trauma, or abuse can contribute to pelvic pain. With the right interventions, the cycle of pain and psychological distress can finally be broken, with a brighter future ahead. At Pelvic Pain Doc, we work with a multi-disciplinary approach and can offer guidance and resources to assist patients suffering in an ongoing cycle of pain.

Why choose us?

You may feel there is no hope that you will regain the energy and positive outlook of the past, but there is hope. Pelvic Pain Doc is a boutique concierge urology and gynecology practice in NYC. We take a holistic approach to treatment and may recommend lifestyle changes that can make a difference to your overall health and well-being. Your journey starts with a private consultation with Dr. Bahlani to discuss your condition.

She will work closely with you on a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best outcome possible. Her goal is to help her patients achieve their quality of life goals, living life with greater confidence, empowered with the tools to control pelvic pain rather than having the pain control them. You deserve 5-star care from a thought leader and expert in resolving pelvic pain. Contact us today.

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