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Meet Dr. Bahlani, Pelvic Pain Doc

After completing her residency in OB/GYN at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Sonia Bahlani pursued a fellowship in the urology department working with pioneers in pelvic pain. Having trained in both areas gives her a unique, comprehensive foundation, and allows her to treat people with a variety of urologic and gynecologic pelvic pain syndromes.

Dr. Bahlani takes a holistic view of common pelvic health issues. With her compassionate, patient-centric approach, she listens to her patients to gain a deep understanding of their challenges. This allows her to develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan aimed at addressing the issue from all angles to improve patients’ quality of life beyond what they thought possible.

In her efforts to bring pelvic pain and sexual health issues out from behind closed doors, and find real, proven solutions for those in pain, Dr. Bahlani continues to be involved in research. She has presented at numerous conferences, been published in top national and international journals, and appeared on Dr. Oz. Most recently, Dr. Bahlani was named a recipient of New York Super Doctors 2022, a prestigious accolade awarded to leaders in medical excellence.

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Dr. Sonia Bahlani is proud to be named to the 2021 SuperDoctors Rising Stars list.

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Here’s what Dr. Bahlani’s patients have to say about their experience.

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Let’s break the silence. Get accurate information, life-style tips and evidenced-based education from a pelvic pain specialist and take the first step towards reclaiming your life.

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