Dr. Bahlani is truly a gift from God

Dr. Bahlani is truly a gift from God. Like most, I saw many doctors with little to no results. After 2 years of being tossed around from "specialist to specialist," I finally found Dr. Bahlani and have not looked back since. Everything about this doctor is what you pray the perfect doctor will be; patient, kind, loving, smart and DETERMINED. If you're going to be a patient of Dr. Bahlani's my only advice to you is to trust the process. There may be bad days in order to figure out what will give you pain free days, but it's all part of "peeling back the onion," as Dr. B would say. If you are like most patients in the pelvic pain world; tired, angry and frustrated, I implore you to make an appointment with Dr. Bahlani. She is a breath of fresh air; and will look at your case with a new fresh set of eyes. Even if you were told, "there's nothing else we can do," like I was, I promise you she will find a way.

Dr. Bahlani is a fantastic physician

Dr. Bahlani is a fantastic physician, advocate for pelvic pain and overall human being. Having a complex history, she was able to treat my pelvic pain and intimacy pain that was caused by a combination of reasons. It is such a delight being in her company and visiting this office (which is beautiful and filled with people who care for you like family). What more could someone ask for in searching for a physician.

Dr. Bahlani is flawless and...changed my life

Dr. Bahlani is flawless and her BOTOX procedures changed my life and got rid of my pain. I saw another doctor in the field and truthfully had an awful experience. His botoxx treatment didn't work and was not professional with his actions. Dr. Bahlani is spectacular in comparison I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Theresa her assistant and Dr. Bahlani are such compassionate and professional humans. All I can say is please see Dr. Bahlani you will have no regrets and will be honored to be her patient.

Dr. B is simply astounding

Dr. B is simply astounding. You cannot find a better urogynecologist elsewhere.

Dr. Bahlani is a fantastic doctor

Dr. Bahlani is a fantastic doctor!! She will heal your pelvic pain like she did mine. I have seen multiple providers to no avail but today I am pain free. She is excellent!

Please do not look elsewhere for a provider

Please do not look elsewhere for a provider as I have seen multiple and was finally properly diagnosed with IC by Dr. Bahlani. After my first visit I found relief that I was searching for years for. This practice communicates effectively and clearly as Theresa her assistant is just as amazing. It is challenging finding a physician in this field but Dr. Bahlani is just knowledgeable, compassionate and successful in her methods.

Dr. Bahlani is kind, expertly skilled, and extremely knowledgeable

Dr. Bahlani is kind, expertly skilled, and extremely knowledgeable in the fire of pelvic health. Her background in both gynecology and urology make her a true rarity as a physician, and her ability to meet patients with compassion and solidarity make her exemplary. I’m grateful to have her as a resource both for myself and others suffering from pelvic pain.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Bahlani is the best doctor

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Bahlani is the best doctor I have ever been to. After many years of debilitating pain and discomfort without a diagnosis, I finally feel that I am on the path to healing—all thanks to Dr. Bahlani. She is empathetic, validating, kind, beyond knowledgeable, and explains everything so clearly. Most importantly, I have never left her office without a next step or something new to try. On top of being a fabulous practitioner, she’s just an amazing person who genuinely cares about her patients and makes them feel heard. Speaking of amazing people, her staff member at the front desk, Theresa, is incredible. What a gem! Could not recommend this practice more highly!

Dr. Bahlani changed my life

Dr. Bahlani changed my life. I am so grateful to her for the way she has freed me from my feminine pain cycle . I went to the supposed best doctors in United States and they could not get me out of the pain cycle. Dr bahlani on the other hand healed my pain . She freed me from a decade of pain. She is knowledgeable smart supportive kind and is always there for you She is excellent at getting back to you if you have questions or need help . Her treatment protocol is individualized and it works I owe this doctor my life . She is the only doctor that changed the trajectory of my pain . I recommend her highly . I can’t emphasis enough what an incredible doctor she is !!!!! Also her assistant Theresa is a delight and helps you with everything you need. Please go see this doctor. She is the best in the field!!

Attentive, caring, smart, and responsive!

Dr. Bahlani is amazing. I do not write reviews generally but had to come here and share that my experience with her thus far has been nothing short of exemplary. She is attentive, caring, smart and responsive!

An excellent physician

Dr. Bahlani is an excellent physician and anyone who sees her is lucky to be in her care.

I am sooo glad I found her.

Dr. Bahlani is one of the nicest, kindest, and smartest doctors I have been to. I was referred to her by a friend who raved about her and I am sooo glad I found her. She took her time to listen to all my problems and I never felt rushed. I highly recommend her to all my friends.

I am so grateful to her.

After years of suffering from what I thought were ongoing, recurring and worsening UTI's, taking antibiotics for said UTI's prescribed by other doctors and eventually suffering from pelvic pain so bad I couldn't sit, I had a life altering consultation with Dr. Bahlani. She listened with compassion and patience as I rattled on and on about my issues and history. At the end of our conversation, she recommended that I try pelvic PT and proceeded to recommend a few she trusted. This one suggestion got me feeling more like myself within a few sessions and soon I was able to go on long runs again. I am so grateful to her and it's crystal clear she always has her patients' best interest at heart.

I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Bahlani

For those suffering with any kind of pelvic/vaginal pain, I more than highly recommend a visit to Dr. Bahlani. I walked in on my first visit feeling hopeless and depressed after years of unexplained pain, and left the office feeling optimistic and reassured. She has outstanding bedside manner and felt she really cared about me. She offered several treatment options to choose from and my pain has decreased significantly in a matter of months. I definitely feel that I'm on the path to infinite healing and I'm so grateful. In addition, her secretarial staff are very efficient, and they make sure all your calls and e-mails are returned in a timely fashion. I wish I can give 10 stars instead of 5, that's how much she helped me. Go see her!

Dr. Bahlani is incredible!

Dr. Bahlani is incredible! After dealing with chronic pain for months and going to countless specialists to no avail, Dr. Bahlani was the first doctor to take my pain seriously and actually address the root cause. She's brilliant, compassionate, and kind. She completely changed my life! I would give her and her team 10 stars if I could! ( I would also recommend her book too!)

She gave me my life back.

After suffering for months of pelvic pain that literally caused my life to come to a screeching halt, I found Dr. Bahlani and she gave me my life back. Words cannot express how grateful I am, as is my family. She is my miracle. Also, her office staff is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you Dr. Bahlani ! D. Tremblay

She gives you hope.

Dr. Bahlani is an exceptional physician and an even more incredible person. She is patient, kind, and extremely thorough. She never rushes you. She listens and always shares her thought process to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your treatment plan going forward. Dr. Bahlani never makes you feel as though you are out of options. She gives you hope. If she feels that your health concerns are outside of her scope, she will refer you to the best possible physician that can help. Dr. Bahlani is unparalleled in her field. It is an honor and privilege to be under her care. Her meticulous work ethic shines when she is pursuing her genuine passion of helping others reach their desired health outcomes. The office itself is impeccable. It doesn't feel like you're walking into a physician's office but rather an art gallery. You feel at ease simply by the energy in the room. Her front desk staff (both Theresa and Jamie) are exceptional. They are extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and communicative. I trust Dr. Bahlani and her entire team. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me.

Goes above and above to give holistic care.

Professional, kind, and well knowledgeable about pelvic health, Dr. Bahlani. All of her patients received tailored care from her, and she goes above and above to give holistic care. She is a great authority in her industry, and I heartily endorse her.

I am hopeful and excited to move forward.

I found Dr. Bahlani through the Going Mental Podcast -- I highly recommend you listen before booking, as it immediately shows you exactly how warm and knowledgeable she is. No doctor has ever spent this amount of time talking to me face to face. She heard me, she believed me, and she created an actionable treatment plan for my vaginismus. For so long, I felt like this was all in my head and something that I'd never be able to work through, but now I am hopeful and excited to move forward. From past doctor experiences, I was terrified to the point that I almost canceled my appointment. This experience was nothing like the rest. It was painless, judgement-free, and so enlightening that I became emotional by the end. It was worth every penny to achieve this level of care. Dr. Bahlani is phenomenal, as is her staff. I'm so thankful.

Endless knowledge and advanced treatment plans.

Dr. Bahlani was the physician who addressed my feminine pain with her endless knowledge and advanced treatment plans. I never felt hopeless as her patient, and I know she has to ability to treat my pain. She can rightly be called a top doctor in this field. As a patient, I feel like a part of the family with Theresa and the entire team. Simply amazing.

Knowledgeable, caring and patient.

Truly Amazing! I have been trying to be understand how to overcome my pain for years and Dr. Bahlani was able to figure it out in one session. When it comes to healthcare services, I always find bedside manners to be extremely important in providing an excellent care - Dr. Bahlani and her team take care to the next level. They are all knowledgeable, caring and patient. I highly recommend this practice and the team!

an incredible doctor…

Dr. Bahlani is not only an incredible doctor, but an incredibly caring person. It is clear that she truly cares about her patients and their quality of life. After living with chronic pain for years and visiting countless doctors, she was the first doctor who assured me that I would not be in pain forever. She took the time to listen to me, answer my (many!) questions, challenge a previous incorrect diagnosis, and provide a concrete treatment plan that has already made a great difference in my life. Her staff, Theresa, and Jamie, have been a huge help and both wonderful to work with over the phone! I would recommend them to anyone.

Empathetic and kind

After seven years of being medically gaslit and passed from doctor to doctor, I finally found Dr. Bahlani. She is the most empathetic and kind medical professional I have ever met. She genuinely takes time to get to know you and your issues, which is so important given the intimate nature of her specialty. Most importantly, her approach WORKS! So many doctors are operating based on out-of-date information, but Dr. Bahlani knows her stuff. Although she is out of network, it is more than worth the investment to finally, finally HEAL. Her office is also super chic and comfortable — nothing sterile or scary about it! The front-desk staff is so friendly and kind, and you can reach her WHENEVER you need. I truly can't say enough good things about this practice and hope that any woman suffering from unexplained pain finds her sooner than I did.

The first doctor to actually listen to my story…

There are not enough words to describe exactly how much Dr. Bahlani has positively impacted my life. After suffering from chronic vulvar pain for over a year and countless visits to multiple gynecologists who repeatedly told me there was nothing wrong and it was all in my head, Dr. Bahlani was the first doctor to actually listen to my story, look me in the eyes and say, "I hear you, I believe you, ...

I cannot believe someone like me has been cured.

Dr. Bahlani is phenomenal at treating feminine pain and I cannot believe someone like me has been cured. Please see her!

I was able to get pregnant naturally…

Dr. Bahlani is the doctor who healed my pain and today thanks to her I was able to get pregnant naturally and words cannot explain how grateful I am for having met her! Teresa the lovely lady at the front desk is equally as special and this medical office has everything you need from warmth to organization. Dr. Bahlani is a top urogynecologist and she understands not just pain but you as a human. Please see her!!

Most compassionate professional I’ve ever been to…

Dr Bahlani is the most compassionate competent professional I’ve ever been to, she was the first and only doctor who diagnosed me accurately and treated me effectively after years of frustrating experiences with other doctors and facilities, she always makes herself available to me and she is always responsive and helpful when I need her, she listens attentively and gives me all the time I need at every single appointment, most importantly my condition is much improved since i started seeing her, 10/10 recommend

Within minutes, I found answers.

Where do I even begin with the extremely excellent experience I had with this medical practice. I’m from the West Coast and struggled to find a physician who understood IC and pudendal neuralgia and pelvic floor dysfunction and found Dr. Bahlani by means of a podcast. While local doctors tried their best, they did not even scratch the surface with my pelvic pain, and I was left hopeless. Upon calling this office I was greeted with such warmth and professionalism and understanding as Theresa answered all my questions and was familiar with my experience. Further, I flew in to meet Dr. Bahlani and within minutes I found answers I was so desperately seeking for years. Expertly, Dr. Bahlani decided move forward with a procedure to my pelvic floor and here I am 4 weeks later feeling so improved. Everything at this office is stellar from the beautiful office to the warm staff to Dr. Bahlani’s expertise. You will have no regrets selecting this practice for your treatment.

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